PICTURES: True Promises, Healing, and El-Shaddai choirs treat believers to an amazing Easter concert

Hundreds of believers on Easter Sunday gathered at Faith Evangelical church in Gatsata – Kigali for an evening of worship headlined by prominent choirs like True Promises, Healing Worship Team, and El-Shaddai.

True Promises Ministries was the organiser of the event, and it marked the end of the team’s bi-annual 21 days of prayer and fasting.

The celebration was carried out in accordance with Covid-19 prevention measures.

As the day was meant to remember Jesus’ resurrection, the concert featured songs about Calvary, the Cross and Golgotha, and the significance of the Savior’s passion for us when he died for our sins, and His Love for mankind.

Pastor Desire Habyarimana, the preacher of the day gave a sermon about the real meaning of celebrating Easter.

He said the day should not just be a ritual, but it should be a time of serious commemoration by people who know what Jesus did on the Cross, as they take a self-assessment to see how the cross has changed their lives and how they should live worthy of the sacrifice Jesus offered for them.

When celebrating Easter, he said, only our hearts can be the best gifts to God.

“Easter is celebrated by born-again Christians who are witnesses to the hope of Jesus’ return, who are mindful of the power of the resurrection and have separated themselves from the world.”