Easter message: Believers reminded of the real meaning of the day

Celebrated annually, Easter is an important day where Christians remember the day when Jesus Christ resurrected three days after being crucified at Calvary hill in Jerusalem, over 2000 years ago.

According to scriptures, Jesus’ death on the cross bought salvation for people who will believe in His Name, since He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and without Him, it is impossible for us to reach to God the Father. (John 14:6)

Preaching at Faith Evangelical church in Gatsata – Kigali, Pastor Desire Habyarimana said the Easter day should not just be a ritual, but it should be a time of serious commemoration by people who know what Jesus did on the Cross, as they take a self-assessment to see how the cross has changed their lives and how they should live worthy of the sacrifice Jesus offered for them.

When celebrating Easter, he said, only our hearts can be the best gifts to God.

“Easter is celebrated by born-again Christians who are witnesses to the hope of Jesus’ return, who are mindful of the power of the resurrection and have separated themselves from the world.”

Former Catholic Archbishop Thadee Ntihinyurwa spoke about how Jesus defeated evil, and brought salvation

“He, (Jesus Christ) himself defeated evil, and also condemned hatred and instilled love,” he said.

“The loud voices of those who wanted him crucified were defeated by the joy of salvation,” he added, “As Christians his resurrection should renew us, and it should instill love in us. Love for all, not just love for family but loving even those who don’t belong to our families. Not only love to our friends but even those whom we call or call themselves our enemies.”

In a sermon preached on the eve of Easter Sunday, Cardinal Antoine Kambanda urged people to stick on the truth of Jesus, because He is the rescuer.