National Prayer Breakfast: Pr. Rutayisire shares important leadership insights

This year’s edition of the national prayer breakfast took place via virtual platforms as the country is continuing to make efforts of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the event, Pr. Antoine Rutayisire of Remera Anglican Church shared beautiful insights for leaders, from Exodus 14, a chapter that talks about an incident when the children of Israel were being confronted by the waters of the Red Sea, yet at their rear, Pharaoh and his army were pursuing them.

Rutayisire taught about the “6Cs” which can assist leaders to react in times of troubles and problems against the people that are being led.

Read about them here:

The first C is Compassion

“See people and be compassionate towards them,” Rutayisire said.

“I’ll tell you an example of people who have been herdsmen, especially we who did this activity in Mutara.”

“Cows would always be huddled in a group and then they would move close to the herdsman. This is where David says that whenever a bear or a lion would come after sheep, he would go for it and tear it by the mouth. This means that a leader will always stand between his or her people and the problem at hand.”

“Moses said (to his people), do not be afraid, stand still and see the salvation of The Lord which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians you see today you will see again no more for ever.”

The second C is Communication

“Give people hope, tell them what is happening, and tell them what you are thinking. If you don’t communicate, people may lose hope and they may even try to find their own solutions, yet you are their leader.

The third C is Confidence 

“You might not be confident, but build confidence in your people and say to them: The problems are there, we can see them but we know what’s happening, we are working on it. Bear with us, God is going to bring solutions.”

“Moses knew that even if they were facing problems, God would bring solutions.”

“As leaders we should know that even though there are problems, solutions will come, especially when you pray.”

The fourth C is Being Calm.

“Every leader should learn to be calm. Learn to be calm when battles come. Choose to be calm. For us who know God, we find our calm before Him.”

“The Bible says that it is in the calm that we find hope and it is there where we find strength.”

The fifth C is Collaboration

“I like what God told Moses: Why do you cry to me, tell the people children of Israel to move forward.”

“Problems do not remove us from our purpose; they don’t remove us from our objectives and goals.”

The sixth C community 

“I like how this chapter ends. Verse 31, the Bible says, Israel saw the great work which The Lord had done in Egypt and the people believed the Lord and His servant Moses.”