Easter Celebration: It reminds me ‘the Cross.’ What about you? Chantal

Every time I hear the word Easter, the first thing that prickles my mind is the Cross. What do you understand by Easter?

It is so uncommon for Christians to say they don’t know much about Easter. This is because most of us have been told that the day is the celebration and commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But at a certain point this is so incomplete! Some people take it as any other days, besides knowing that it is the Easter day.

But to me, I believe Easter to be more than just a day. It should tell us something very big – bigger than just being a holiday of every year. It should tell us of “the Cross.”

This day should be a special day to reflect on the love of God that He showed at Calvary, the love that made Him crucify and crush His only begotten son.

We should reflect on the Love of the Lamb and His Mercy that made Him die shamefully on the cross. Easter is a time to reflect on the pain he went through to buy our pardon. It should be a great day to us to celebrate the victory that we have been given, not by our deeds but by Grace alone.

It is a time to bring our reflection far beyond the special repertory of Praise and worship that we have in churches on the Easter Day, but we should look at what Jesus did at the Cross, because due to the fact that that He resurrected, we have got victory over the power of death.

This is where our hope stands.

The only question I will ask everyone before I come to an end would be:  Do we take into consideration the reason Why Jesus resurrected?

The Bible says in Romans 14:9 “For Christ died and lived again for this reason, that He might be Lord of both the dead and the living.”

Is Jesus your True King? Does He truly rule over your life? Because it would be vain to celebrate Easter when our hearts do not really capture this Kingship of The Lord. It would not make sense if we do not understand the reason for celebrating Jesus as King, He who died and lived again for our sake. Happy Easter to you all.