Tanzania’s late president Magufuli: An example of believing in God


Tanzanian President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, an exemplary leader who showcased faith in God passed on due to heart disease on March 17.

Shortly after his passing, videos which testify of his goodness and faithfulness were making rounds on several social media platforms, even here in Rwanda.

Magufuli’s life was characterised by discipline, and a good attitude towards God,  and encouraging people to believe.

During his presidency, he showed kindness to the poor, and gave good treatment to his citizens.

He tried to find a way to do what God’s word said.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa, Dr Magufuli took an approach of prayer, and believing.

JP Magufuli, spoke words that encourage us that God will always be there.

“God begins with us, he will end with us” he said.

He did everything with kindness and humbleness. With its citizens, the poor the rich, he helped a lot. This is an important memorial for Tanzanians to never forget him.

Tanzanians spoke well about his work on earth:

“He never died, he will always live in our hearts” a Tanzanian said.

Because, had faith in God and openly witnessed to the power of God, he is an example to all Christian leaders and believers.