Ev. Nizigiye speaks out on his 15-year journey to change drug-addicted youth

By Chantal Bashal

Evangelist Augustin Nizigiye grew up with a passion for evangelizing to the young generation, pleading with them to change their ways, leave bad habits, and commit their lives to Jesus.

The passion stems from his father, who was also a preacher of the good news. It is him who coached Ndizigiye and encouraged him to inherit such pastoral work.

It has now been 15 years since Nizigiye started sharing the good news in schools and youth crusades, and many young people have changed their behavior, quit drugs after receiving Christ in their hearts.

His evangelism focuses on secondary schools, colleges and youth crusades.

The Gospel Time’s Chantal Bashal and Frederic Byumvuhore had an interview with him, and he shared his experience and future plans to change young people into important servants of God and patriots.

“Since 2006, I have worked tirelessly to assist young people quit bad behavior, especially those who are addicted to drugs. I thank God that many young people have changed from their immoral ways and decided to accept Jesus Christ,” he said.

He says he is not a church-based preacher, but an evangelist that has decided to take the good news to schools, organize youth movements for many to attend, as he preaches righteousness.

“I have realized that young people are the foundation, backbone, strength and hope for the future of the country. Therefore, when the youth is destroyed, nations are destroyed,” he said.

The preacher has worked with some popular gospel artistes and worship teams such as True Promises Ministries among others to attract young people to crusades.

He noted that he has faced various challenges on the journey, including lack of sponsors to meet all the requirements and limited resources.

“Even some school authorities are yet to understand the importance of evangelism in schools, which has led to a ban on preachers from carrying out such activities inside schools,” he said.

Message to parents, church

Nizigiye urges parents to take care of their children and not deal with them too harshly if they find them behaving inappropriately or developing bad habits.

“The right ways to correct a child is not by abusing or persecute him. Parents should examine and understand the root causes of habits and help their children actively quit them,” he said.

Nizigiye called on the church to run its youth department properly and carefully.

He pointed out that youth must be strengthened, empowered, and honed in order to be productive for the country and especially for the church. “Church leaders should maintain close contact with youth, listen to their views, include them in various services and engage them in regular interactive discussions.”

Even though the Preacher had no one else to support, he allocated a portion of his salary to the work.

In 2014, he established an annual crusade called “CGFK Shima Imana” at College George fox de Kagarama in Kicukiro. The event aims to call on students to fully transform and help others change.

His future plans include building more networks and coaching rescued youths to share the good news with colleagues.


Fabrice Shema Cyuzuzo, 19, joined College George fox de Kagarama in 2015. At the time, he had not yet accepted Jesus; and luckily, within a year in the school he was rescued.

“When I joined the school, I was not interested in the gospel and I did not understand why it was being done. As an internal rule of the school, we would be forced to attend the holy gatherings,” he said.

For a full year, a 19-year-old student continued to oppose the holy assembly until the Holy Spirit condemned his heart after Ndizigiye sermon in 2016.

“I will never forget this day. I remember feeling strange when the preacher preached and the sermon pushed me to confess,” he said, and added: “From then on, Nizigiye guided and taught us until our baptism. I now thank God for His mercy and grace toward us. I am now in charge of intercession in the school and a worshipper at Zion Temple church.”