One year of the pandemic: 3 things that have changed in our prayer traditions

On Sunday, March 14, Rwanda marked a year since the first case of the Covid-19 pandemic was detected within our territory.

Since then, a lot of difficult happenings have taken place in the country including the closure of places of worship that has happened a number of times, businesses, schools, among others.

In this article, Gospel Time Rwanda looks at 3 things that have changed in our prayer traditions. As you read, kindly note that all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His Purposes. (Romans 8:28). And so, through these things, good results can sprout for example in form of making Christians stronger in The Lord, or assisting us understand the LORD better.

Here are things that have changed:

  1. More individual prayers

Having quality individual time with The Lord is not something that is always easy, but it is very important.

With fewer gatherings, serious Christians might very well have adopted more individual prayers.

One pastor I respect said (I paraphrase): There are two ways of being filled with the Lord’s presence. One of these is having the Lord touch you through individual prayer, the other is being touched by The Lord when you are in a group of believers that are praying. Depending on a group is dangerous, he said.

I guess if you took time and prayed fervently and hungrily alone in your room during this pandemic; you might have heard the Lord restoring you.

I will quote from an old pastor I love from the US (I paraphrase again): The best times of prayer I have are always when I am alone with The Lord.

  1. Making use of technology for the cause of The Lord

Churches have used more information technology platforms to reach out to believers with the Word of God during the pandemic. Perhaps, before the pandemic hit the world, we were not taking enough advantage of such platforms yet we can use them for the better, not for worse. You know, the world is The Lord’s and all its fullness, and therefore, we can use these platforms to do good.

  1. Looking at the big picture of the nations, and how we should pray for them in line with God’s word

Many times we pray “small prayers” like: “God, make me rich, give me a bigger car, give me more suits,” and so on. However, I hope this pandemic taught us that it is not so much about our small needs, but it is much about looking at the big picture of God’s will.

There is reason to pray for the nations to turn to God, because dangerous times are coming, and they should turn to God before the time comes when it is no longer possible.