An open letter to preachers: Dear preacher, why do you give me mediocre messages?

We have many preachers in our country, and that is good.

We often go to church (some of us love to go there more often than just on Sunday), and as usual, we sit before “a man of God,” keep quiet and listen to what he has to say to us.

A sermon sometimes lasts 30 minutes, or can even go on for more than an hour – which is okay, because after all the Word of God is the most important thing in this life, and in the life to come. It is true, eternal, and the only thing that is able to save man.

However, I have a problem – a serious one, with some messages that preachers communicate.

Recently, I was unhappy about something. A certain person posted a particular portion of some preaching done by one preacher, and it offended my soul. I couldn’t even watch it for more than a minute.

For the few seconds that I listened, I heard this preacher aiming some questions to ladies. It seemed to be related to righteousness, but it was not really. This is because it was giving space to the minds of the listeners to think about sensuality and carnality, and works of the flesh which malign the spirit of man.

On a sad note, some people can cheer such a preacher, with such words like: “Talk about it, preach, preach,” yet, little do they realize that he is feeding him on subtle cyanide that will stealthily creep into their life stream and strangle them.

Many preachers like that are there in this world. Some of them are even good people, but they have fluctuated or backslidden in their understanding of what the right thing is, and what the real Will of God is.

Dear preacher, did you know that you can preach some sermons and your audience end up having bad rather than good? Haven’t you ever heard people that went to a certain “Singles conference” and were taken through some explanations of relationships, dating and so on, and instead of being edified, they just ended up being lustful?

Dear preacher, you can do whatever you do, preach whatever you want to preach, make your audience laugh, stir them up with your wit, but you have to think about the results that your messages bring. Are you sure someone is really getting help? I mean real help, not fake help!

Some preachers talk lousy things. They are not even sure about the heart of God for people. No wonder, how can they, if they don’t cry to Him. How can they not preach mediocrity, if they don’t know what God wants? They don’t even really know what it will be like for humans that will go to hell, and so, these preachers just feed flocks with any junk.

Many preachers are so funny, and crack too many jokes, perhaps so that their listeners will like them and come back the following Sunday. However, it is one things to make someone laugh, and it is another to assist someone to win in life. Sometimes winning requires agony.

We go to church to meet God, and if you cannot assist us to meet him, please don’t try to solve our problems in another way, because it is only hopeless.

You may try to make me laugh, but I promise you, that won’t take away my sorrow, or the sickness of heart. Only God can, so don’t try to give me a fake.

Dear preacher, don’t preach a mediocre message to me. Consider the heart of God who loves me, and please give me the food that is not going to take me to destruction.

Thanks a lot.

The writer is our reader. Views expressed in this letter are of the author.

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