Understanding the Opposite of “let your will be done”


There is always a danger of man creating an Idol and worshipping it thinking he is worshipping God. However much people don’t outwardly say we worship idols, you see idolatry in their action since there is a fine difference in the attributes of God almighty and idols. To those who don’t know them or have forgotten let me remind you a few. God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and anything less of this is an idol.

God being all-knowing, all powerful he has set every course of nature and life into motion like a great captain sailing the sea in which he knows all possible directions and with power to manipulate any factor that contributes to this great voyage, but since God has given man free will sometimes, we pretend to know all and tell him to get out of the cockpit so we can sail the sea on our own.

The bible has great examples of how men choose to take matters in their own hands and the end hasbeen always the wrong starting with the need to be like God manifested through the choice of Adam and eve in the fall until the revelation. To fully explain what happens when our will is done it’s better to examine when God allows our will to be done.

For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened Romans 1:21

Therefore, God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts…. 1:24

When we constantly choose our thinking over God’s way, when we repeatedly defile our conscious by choosing darkness over light, good over evil even after the right has been highlighted, we are practically saying “God get out of our way” and this is just the start of a rabbit hole filled with foolish decisions, a sinful life and a regrettable past in making.

I know some of you reading may wonder why God would allow us to choose wrong if he is a good God? The short answer is you are not a robot, you have a multitudes of actions you take and their results are on your head as a human being, the longer answer is for next time. Now that I answered let’s come back to what happens when our will is done.

At that moment when we say “God get out of my way”, we are already idolaters, we have De-God-ed God and our evil desires we satisfy, but since humans are made to have a relationship with God we spend the rest of our lives looking for something else to satisfy that relationship in drinking, sexual relations, drugs, addiction but all of these seem to do nothing to meet our deepest desire for a relationship with God.

It’s one thing to say we believe in God and another to put that in actions by constantly seeking his will to be done and although this has become like a common song in the ears its better we dance to the melody it produces because the opposite of this is a slow, painful and long journey to destruction in the now and in the eternity. Although his will may seem to be like a walk in the valley of shadow of death and it feels like he is choosing a rod and staff to comfort you instead of a sofa-set and an ice-cream on a hot day, be rest assure that his will is pure, perfect and the best possible way to cross life’s raging oceans and stormy seas.

My prayer is that we may understand that “The opposite of let your will be done is let my will be done”

Your will be done Mathew 6:10