New ministry looks to fill gaps in Christian movie making in the country.

In a soon-to-be-premiered debut movie dubbed “4Cities,” a group of actors and actresses will be portraying some lessons about the inner-being of a person.

Set to be released this month, the movie will be showcasing “the four cities” in the spirit world, deriving its teaching from Luke 8:11-13, a portion of scripture that talks about various types of soil – representing the human heart’s receptiveness and retention of God’s Word.

“Rwanda Christian Movie Ministry,” the team behind the movie, is a group of people dedicated to preaching the word of God through short and feature movies and series.

Founded by Evangelist Gaspardos H. Araganje, the ministry’s vision is to ensure that the Good news reaches many people in every way possible, and they look to fill gaps in Christian filmmaking.

Araganje described their work as more creative and innovative, with actors who are talented and passionate about film.

“We can only fulfill our expectations if we keep praying and letting God’s will take the lead in everything we do,” he said.

He added: “We have a lot to offer to the audience. We can’t it all now, but we hope peope will gradually benefit and see their lives change as they watch our movies.”