Excitement as places of worship reopen

After about more than a month of closure, places of worship were reopened in various parts of the country on Sunday, February 28, allowing the faithful to yet again appear in the House of God.

Just like a number it has been with several activities, praying and congregating together in churches has been on and off since March 2020, as the government imposed closures aimed at curbing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the reopening day, Christians woke up to once again join their fellow believers at their respective churches, and enjoyed the sweetness of worshipping, praying and praising God together.

At Christian Life Assembly in Nyarutarama, two services were hosted – under preventive measures. As usual, the believers praised God in songs, and also made prayer for people that have been impacted by the situation of the pandemic.

The preacher of the morning service, Dr. Thomas talked about the life of witnessing the Gospel of Jesus by Christians.

He reminded the Christians that the central message of the Gospel, not just the minor things related to religion.

At Nazarene Remera, during the first service, Pastor Jacques Niyonsaba took some time and talked to the congregation about COVID-19 preventive measures saying that the pandemic has gone nowhere, and that they should be very cautious.

In his sermon, he preached that Christians should not conform themselves to the world nor be influenced with the circumstances,

“Although we are in the world, we are not of the world. We are the salt and light of the world, we have to be exemplary and stay faithful.”

In the second service at the same church, Pastor Christophe Sebagabo preached about the 2021 theme as “The Year to serve God.”

“Serving God has a limited time on earth. We should use our time accordingly. If you want to Serve God worthily, there are some things we have to be against like sins, bad behaviors, prayer-less life, laziness,  and deceitful thoughts.”