If you have listened to worship songs done by Savant Ngira, you may easily agree with me that he is belting out deep and fervent worship lyrics that stir you up – getting you drunk with the love of Christ.

“Narababariwe” and “Yesu Urimwiza” are the only songs he has to his name so far, but they speak tons about the love of God, as they employ heavy, well-driven and biblically centered lyrics – accompanied with a fervency rendered by someone that means what he sings.

In fact, Narababariwe came as number one on Gospel Time’s list of the ten worship songs of the year 2020.

Just like many great worship songs, Narababariwe uses good figurative language, as well as Biblical words to bring out the singer’s message about the hopelessness in which Christ found us, and the ultimate sacrifice he paid to buy our redemption,

“He found me sitting by the pit, only waiting for death. He held me with love, I didn’t know where He had come from. When I looked up, I recognized Him,” goes one of the verses of the song.

Though he has only recently started recording his own music, Ngira is not new in gospel music.

He started singing in 2004 in a junior choir in Kigali, and later was part of the founding team that established True Promises Choir.

In 2020, he started recording his own songs, though he is still part of True Promises Group.

In an interview with Gospel Time, Ngira disclosed that the ability to write good songs came as an answer to a prayer he made long time ago,

“Many years ago, I and two friends went to a bush in Kigali and prayed a specific prayer, asking God to bless us with the gift of writing songs. I believe he answered,” he said.

To date, Ngira has written many songs for True Promises Ministry, in addition to his own.

As an experienced song-writer, he recognizes the importance of reading the Word of God, as a key way for finding the lyrics for worshiping God,

“Reading the Word of God makes you start to get many good ideas and ways of praising God,” he said.

“A good worship song is one that is written basing on God’s word, not on a singer’s own thoughts. If you depend on your thoughts to write a song, it may become a hit but will not last for long. However, when you use the Word of God, the song will go a long way,” he added.

Ngira is a medical doctor – a general practitioner working at Kibungo Hospital.

With this kind of work, there are challenges in terms of getting enough time for both work and ministry. However, he tries to put in effort.

“It is not easy. The job we do requires a lot of time. But, when I am off work, I use my free time well to write songs,” he said.

Currently, Ngira has two more songs that will be coming up in the near future. Our fingers crossed for more great worship songs.