Lockdown: Religious groups urged to keep using technology to gather

Religious groups have been urged to continue using information technology, as places of worship remain closed due to Covid-19.

Churches, cathedrals and mosques were close by government authorities in January in new measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, and until now, no dates of reopening have been communicated.

While speaking on a show at the national broadcaster about a week ago, Anastase Shyaka, the Minister of Local Governments called upon Rwandans to stay patient as places of worship remain closed, asking them to make use of technological platforms to convene for prayer virtually,

“We urge all Christians to be patient. We will continue to work closely with church leaders, ” he noted, adding that closing places of worship does not imply that the nation is ignorant about the role of faith-based organizations in improving the lives of Rwandans.

He stressed the significance of places of worship, and the need to protect them from the pandemic,

“Places of worship are holy places and should be respected. People are blessed while there, and have fellowship with God. Therefore, we need to protect them from any calamity,” he said.

He encouraged believers to continue praying at home, and embrace the use of technology to convene virtual prayer meetings.

He also recognized the efforts of church leaders in the prevention of the spread of the pandemic, and their close cooperation with government.