Pastor Diana Kamugisha calls on women to begin their evangelism at home

Pastor and gospel artiste Diane Kamugisha has called on women evangelists to start their evangelism in their respective homes before the rest of the community hears their voices.

She made the remarks during an exclusive interview with the Gospel Time Rwanda.

“I wish my voice will be heard. Women should first evangelize within their families. I pray that they will prioritize their homes while doing this ministry. They should share the Gospel to their house-helps, children and husbands before other people can hear their voices,” she said.

“Let the people in our homes see the actions that come from our transformed hearts,” she added.

Pastor Diana Kamugisha is a mother of four, married to Pastor Amos Kamugisha.

She is a worship leader, businesswoman and gospel artiste.

She started her singing ministry at an early age of 13, serving in choirs and worship teams.

In the interview she had with this website, Pastor Kamugisha talked about how she handles her multi-tasks, as well as the ministry of evangelism as a woman.

She says it is by the Grace of God that she manages to accomplish her several tasks.

Alluding to Philippians 4:13, she says she can do all things through Christ who gives her strength.

“I believe that God is a very hard worker and he dwells in us. God has not called us for small responsibilities, or small jobs. Instead he has given us power to do many things,” she said.

She also reflected on the opportunity that Rwandan women have to share the Gospel, since they have a voice.

“Our opportunity as female evangelists in Rwanda is that we have a voice,” she said.

“The door is open for us. So, we need to reach out to our families first, and also we have to use our social media networks such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook among others to share the Gospel. Let us use the available opportunities to reach out to the lost even during this hard time of the Covid-19 pandemic,” she added.

Kamugisha says she began evangelism at early age, and people would call her a pastor when she was still young – even before she was ordained.

Kamugisha, and her husband were later ordained as pastors at New Life Bible church in 2020.

“I dreamt of being a mother who serves in the Kingdom of God. I thank God that I have achieved my dreams. God has done even more than I expected. When you ask God something, he is likely to give you more than what you have asked. I thank him for using me in various responsibilities,” she says.

Women in pastoral work

The debate on whether women are allowed to preach in church or be leaders in churches has been there for a long time.

For Kamugisha, it is wastage of time to engage in such discussions because it is up to God to appoint anyone or anything he can use to serve him.

 “I think people are just fighting about titles. Anyone who spends their time debating on the title is likely to lag behind. If God can use stones, why can’t He use a woman?” she said.