Liza KAMIKAZI: Worship is the gateway to the throne of God

Gospel singer Liza Kamikazi, has reiterated the power and purpose of Gospel music, saying it cannot be compared to secular, because praise and worship is the gateway to the throne of God.

She made the remarks while commenting on a recently released video for her 2016 audio track “Ndaje Data.”

Many can remember her in the secular industry – particularly for “Rahira,” a collabo she made with the Ben back in 2009, before she changed the course of her life and surrendered to Jesus.

It has now been about 6 years since the vocalist quit secular music for Gospel, and become a born again Christian in 2014.

She is a member of New Life Bible Church, as she continues to serve the Kingdom of God through music.

Her song “Ndaje Data,” according to her was a prayer that she often made since 2014 when she had started seeking the face of God, not just his hand.  

“This prayer became a song,” she says, “And it was my first gospel song. I released its audio in 2016 as my debut step toward God’s calling on my life.”

Kamikazi says the song speaks of a repentant heart, and returning home to God’s arms, just like the Prodigal son in The New Testament returned to his father.

“Ndaje Data” is one of several songs she has written since quitting secular music. She says she does not know the exact number of all the songs she has written,

“I have not taken time to count all my gospel songs, but they are enough to be on my two albums that may be released soon,” she said.

Kamikazi speaks highly of gospel music, echoing the fact that it is not the same as secular,

“Secular music is meant for people and entertaining. But gospel music ministers to God first,” she says.

“Worship and praise is a door way to the throne room of God. So, gospel and secular music should not even be compared.”

Although she said she was not qualified to talk about Rwanda’s gospel music industry, Liza appreciated its advances. “The gospel sector is growing every day and I will contribute to its growth as much as God will enable me.”

Her future plans for gospel music are nothing more than to continue evangelism through music. She also revealed that she plans to release her two albums soon and organise crusades and concerts across the country.

Her gospel songs include: Yesu Wanjye, Hunga Udapfa (the song she did with Bull Dog) and Sinakwibagiwe among others.