Young vocalist Emmy Vox to be promoted by Australia-based Management

One of the challenges musicians face is to get the people with interest to invest in their career.

Here in Rwanda, sometimes we see the rise of talented singers, but soon they disappear.

This among other reasons is due to circumstances where it becomes too difficult for them to raise money to cater for various demands in their career which include recording, making videos, and organising events.

So, it is something pleasant if a local artiste – especially an upcoming one gets people that are willing to promote his music, as well as assisting him in management.

This week, Emmanuel Sibomana a.k.a Emmy Vox, an upcoming gospel musician managed to get management, thanks to Patrick Ndizeye, an Australian Rwandan investor who accepted to take on the responsibility.

Ndizeye was inspired by a short video song done by Emmy Vox covering Alpha Rwirangira’s “Merci” song.

After watching the video, Ndizeye looked for the artiste’s contact and reached out to him a few days later.

“A local reporter shared my phone number with Ndizeye and we started chatting. He congratulated me on my talent. Later, he revealed such good news that he would support my talent,” Emmy said.

Emmy Vox signed a one -year contract with the investor.

The contract states that the artiste will be supported in producing audio and video songs, and creating a network for him.

During an interview with the Gospel Time Rwanda, Emmy expressed gratitude for the new step,

“I never dreamed of looking for a manager or sponsor because I knew it was hard to find one. I produced covers and prayed to God to be my supporter, and He made the way,” he said.

Emmy has been singing in the Church choir and True Promises Ministries for about 5 years.

Since last year, he has produced two songs, featuring Adrien Misigaro in one of them.

The singer is now working with Alpha Rwirangira to do a remix of the Merci song.