POEM: Make me your vessel!

My desire is to honour you

I heard people say that one is born with sin , May be it is true I don’t know, but the moment I was sent here and started knowing I sinned.

I know I have fallen short of your glory probably countless times , Lord forgive me I have lied again it is not probably it is for sure I know ,I always sin and always sin.

Sometimes may be every time I say it is my nature, I was born with it so it is okay, I lie my self I will get away with it, but truth is I won’t,I own my sins. For you have given me a choice .Well I am sorry Lord forgive me again.

I do go far from my desires I admit, trust me I haven’t forgotten and whenever you do great things for me I feel ashamed .And  I can’t imagine the pain you felt at that cross.

I wish I stop this oh Lord, I wish once may be even for a day.Even for hours but I go back to the old undeserving me.

I say sorry and do it again all over and over again .
You already sent your Holy Spirit but I chase him away whenever I sin . Forgive me Lord for saying sorry and going back to the same thing,for not abiding ,for all my life for I remember not any small moment I have done right.

My desire is to cut it off once and for all make me your vessel, a new creation. I can’t do it myself cause I have tried but I failed .
I can’t stop, I want to fall and call only you, give me the courage to always run to you in times of failures. Give me those ears that only hears and follows your voice and call . My desire is to honour you oh lord.

Muhozi Esther