It is a blessing to see individuals serve the Lord, and it even gets better when whole families stand up to the cause.

In the world where we live, sometimes families are characterized by conflicts and quarrels among other things which divert them from the purpose that God intends.

On the positive side, though, there are always families that stand for the good cause. The Rukemas, a 7-sibling family living in the USA is an example of those.

Musically trained and talented, the family of 2 ladies and 5 men work together in ministry, where each offers something, from singing and writing songs to production and video shooting.

Based in Maine – USA, they are arguably most known for their short video songs that are popular on social network. However, recently, they released their first song, a Christmas carol wishing people a Merry Christmas.

In an interview with The Gospel Time, one of the siblings Martine Mwamikazi said the song was released to celebrate the special day of Christmas with believers around the world despite the tough times of crisis due to Covid-19.

“This year, Christmas day was marked when mass gatherings had been halted in many parts of the world. Church services were impossible,” she said.

“To celebrate the day, we chose to write this song and wish people a Merry Christmas. People have been affected by the pandemic, and we wanted to remind them that the times in which we are should not make them forget God’s gift to the world – Jesus Christ the source of Salvation,” she added.

She said Christmas is a time when God valued our life and sent light to the world,

“The Most High lived among men and died for them. Hard times should not make people forget that God is with us,” she said.

“Before we enter the New Year in 2021, we want to tell the world that the Most High humbled Himself, born as a human being, and He became a sacrifice for our sins.”

“For believers, the difficulties we face today are not a surprise, because the world we live in is not our home. We should remember that Jesus Christ will soon return to take His church,” she pointed out.

In addition to the new song, the team also revealed that there are other songs to be released.