Gospel artiste and preacher Pierre Misago, known by his stage name Peter Nelson, released a new song urging people to stay united as brothers and sisters created by Almighty God.

“Tube Ubumwe” (Let’s unite together) is Nelson’12th song. Much of his work focuses on good news and transformation.

The artiste is also a preacher from ADPER Remera, known for different songs that spread the good news.

Besides his latest song, ‘Tube Umwe’, the artiste has composed Ibirenge byawe Yesu, Mana tuzavuga gukomera kwawe,Umugambi umfitiye and Urakomeye among others.

Nelson hopes that the new song will educate people about unity, love and how to live in harmony.

“I know that where there is unity, there’s God’s presence. My message is that God is the Spirit, we cannot see him with our own eyes in a real image but we see Him in us. He created us for good works. Because we belong to God and enjoy His love, we should embrace and promote unity and love in the communities,” he pointed out.

Nelson grew up with a talent for singing, and his talent grew with time. So far he has 12 of his own songs.

Throughout his music career, he drew inspiration from the Bible.

“I always get inspiration from the Bible. I read the scripture and get inspired. It’s not on my own effort, it’s the help of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Although he is still struggling with financial instability, the artiste hopes for a bright future with God’s guidance.

He added that gospel artistes and choirs need to more united and supportive of each other in order for God’s Kingdom to prosper in the world.