Yan’an: China’s Historic and Tourism pub, Life elevated

By Frederic Byumvuhore

China is a country that strives for the development of its people and the preservation of its history. As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re from, you don’t even know where you’re going. China has an amazing history and only needs to visit the country to learn more, without anyone telling about it.

Yan’an is one of the oldest regions in China. The population of china is over one billion and its region Yan’an is a historic part in lifting people out of poverty, engaging in tourism and winning national sovereignty.

Last week, a group of journalists from different countries worldwide made an online trip to the region.

Things you need to know about Yan’an

Yan’an, also called Fushi in history, is located in northern part of Shaanxi Province, about 350 km north of Xi’an. Yan’an is one of the most famous cities in China’s modern history and the history of the Chinese Communist Party. In the light of the tourists, Yan’an’s attraction mainly lies in its double yellowness and double sacredness. The double yellowness refers to the Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River and the Loess (Yellow Earth) Plateau folkways. Hailed as the sacred place of the Chinese revolution as well as of the Chinese nation, it hence got the name double sacredness.

Yan’an had become the foothold of the Red Army’s Long March and the starting point of the Anti-Japanese War.

The CPC Central Committee had led the Chinese people towards victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, established the guiding position of Mao Zedong Thought, and cultivated the “Yan’an Spirit” that shines through the ages, laid the foundation stone of new China, and started the page of national liberation. New China made great strides towards Tian’anmen Square from here.

Shelter for educated youths

Yan’an also symbolizes unforgettable times for the educated youths. More than 50 years ago, Yan’an welcomed 28,000 passionate educated youths from Beijing.

At the age of 15, Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, came to Liangjiahe, a small mountain village. During his seven years of staying there as an educated youth, he ate, lived and worked with fellow villagers, which honed his will, molded his character and nurtured his affections for the people.

He joined the Party, and became the party branch secretary of production brigade, embarking on the path of politics for the people.

The ecological construction of Yan’an is a world model, and an ecological Yan’an is rising.

In the past, Yan’an was the land of fulfilling dreams. And today, this sacred mountain city is still full of charm, confidence and passion to build dreams in a new era. A charming Yan’an is walking towards the world.

Yan’an is the birthplace of China’s petroleum industry. The extraction of oil has lasted a century here. Today, the low-carbon development of clean energy such as oil, coal, natural gas, wind and solar energy is injecting a steady stream of power into the rapid economic development of Yan’an. In the new era, Yan’an’s new economy has grown exponentially. A total of 445 new economy enterprises have settled in Yan’an, such as the Huawei Data Center for Cloud Computing.

Apple production

Yan’an apple has become a world brand. Yan’an is one of the best apple producing areas in the world. Red apples on the Loess Plateau have become the “golden apples” for farmers to get rich.

According to Wang Jianfeng, Deputy Director of Yan’an Municipal Fruit Industry Center, Yan’an is not only the advantageous Apple industrial belt of China’s advantageous agricultural products layout planning, but also the best apple growing area in the world, as well as an important apple base in China and the world.

Yan’an is the first choice for red tourism in China. It is full of revolutionary sites and known as the “Museum City of Chinese Revolution”. Each year, more than 60 million tourists gather here to embrace the essence of the “Yan’an Spirit”.

 Poverty alleviation

According to Shen Junming, Deputy Director and Member of the CPC Leadership Group of Yan’an City Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau, Yan’an has achieved regional overall poverty alleviation, laying a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

“Three poverty-stricken counties have been lifted out of poverty, 693 poverty-stricken villages have been listed, 76200 households and 205200 poor people have been lifted out of poverty. A decisive victory was achieved in building a moderately prosperous society,” Shen said.

The goal of “two no worries and Three Guarantees” has been achieved on schedule, and the sense of gain, happiness and security of farmers has been greatly improved. Infrastructure and public services have been significantly improved, and rural social security capacity has been greatly improved. The grassroots governance capacity has been significantly strengthened, and the vitality of rural social development has been greatly enhanced, he added.

Yan’an has a glorious past and a bright future. To build a better new Yan’an is not only the goal of the people of Yan’an, but also the expectation of the whole nation. On the new journey, Yan’an is pursuing its dream with sonorous, confident and firm steps and will never stop advancing!

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