7 things you need to know about ‘Christmas Celebration Festival’

Early December, people expected to enjoy a new lease of life, mainly concertgoers, as some of their lovely teams had announced performances to celebrate Festive season, as the government of Rwanda relaxed restrictions on Covid-19. However, an abnormal increase in the number Covid-19 patients interrupted their expectations and led to the disruption of mass gatherings.

A cabinet meeting held on December 14 decided that the mass rally should be postponed.

Some of the highly-anticipated shows include Chorale de Kigali’s annual Christmas carols and Alarm Ministries’ live concert.

The former would hold its annual Christmas carols concert on December 19, while the latter’s live concert was scheduled for December 20.

Another event was a Christmas Celebration Festival organized by Gisele Precious Nsabimana, a Rwandan female gospel artiste.

Things to know about the show

  1. The show will be held virtually: The event will be broadcast live on Isibo Television, and on Irera Rehoboth TV (YouTube Channel), as well as on Precious’s instagram and Facebook.
  2. Date, Time and place: December 26, starting at 9:00 pm-11:00 pm.
  3. Only female artiste to perform: There will be no single men’s feet on the stage. Only female artistes will perform. These include the host Gisele Precious, Aline Gahongayire and Gaby Kamanzi.
  4. Women’s band: The Anointed music band will direct all performances. The music band is made up of 6 women.
  5. One more female artiste not on the post: The show will also feature a performance by female artiste not revealed.
  6. 6 songs in 40 minutes: Gisele Precious will perform 6 songs in 40 minutes.
  7. Annual event: According to Gisele Precious, the show will be an annual event to celebrate the Christmas and thank God for giving us His son Jesus Christ to save the world.