Featuring Diane, US Based Gospel Artiste Nkuru Releases New Song of the ‘Name of Jesus’ Hymn

As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas- the day that the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated, singer Eric Kurumfashe known as Eric Nkuru has teamed up with pop star Diane Nyirashimwe to release a brand new song called “The name of Jesus.”

The song was derived from the Christian hymn book and was recorded in Kirundi language.

The track of praise, honor and authority is available on the artiste’s YouTube channel under the name of Eric Kurumfashe. “The name of Jesus is the source of happiness for those who believe in it and power to overcome the world.”

Gospel artiste Eric Kurumfashe currently lives in the United States of America, Houston City, Texas.

Nkuru started his music career in 2015 and so far he has released seven songs including Yesu Ni Dereva, Mureke Imana Yitwe Imana, Witinya, and Amashimwe among others.

Featuring Diane

“I chose to work with Diane because she is already a friend of mine and I like her singing talent. Diane is a humble servant of God. I plan to work with other artistes too,” Nkuru noted.

Talking about the song, he added: “I really like this song and I have chosen to record it in Kirundi language because of the message it has in its lyrics.”

You can follow Nkuru on his social media platforms:

Twitter: @NkuruEric1

Instagram: Nkuru.Eric

YouTube: Eric Kurumfashe

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