Bimenyimana, Rwandan student of medicine based in China drops new recording of the ‘Jesus Paid It All’ hymn

Ismael Bimenyimana, a Rwandan student of medicine-cum musician based in China, has made a step towards making his intentions of continuing to serve God through music clear, as he recently recorded a new song about the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross.

The 26-year-old singer grew up as a lead singer in a local Rwandan children’s choir and still delights in serving through Gospel music, despite the fact that he is currently undertaking a course in general medicine and surgery.

Bimenyimana told The Gospel Time Rwanda in an interview that his newly recorded song titled “He Paid it All” (derived from the Christian hymn book) expresses his heartfelt thanks for what Jesus has done on the cross.

“Praise be to the one who has paid my debt and raised my life from the dead,” he noted.

“I am inspired by the song because it conveyed to me the message of how Jesus paid for all my debts.  It touched my heart. This is reminiscent of the story in Luke 10:34-35 about the Samaritan and a wounded and abandoned man who was left half-dead by thieves. To me, the Samaritan’s compassion sounds like Jesus when he paid off the debt of our sin and the condemnation that was on us,” he said.

“The message is that Jesus paid it all so that everyone could come to Him and escape God’s judgment.”

In addition to the newly recorded song, there are many more songs to be released by Bimenyimana.

While in China, Bimenyimana preaches the gospel to music teams of international students. He is a worshipper at Qiqihar International Christian fellowship (QICF).

“My message to all nations and tribes is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world; He is the way, the light and the Truth. Everyone should come to him, repent of their sins, and receive forgiveness of the Lord, for the Kingdom of God is near.”