The government of Rwanda has allowed places of worship to have more days of prayer gatherings, as the country continues to move in a positive trajectory as far as lifting Covid-19 restrictions is concerned.

The new instructions that were issued on December also allow children aged from six (6) and above to go to places of worship if they are accompanied by parents or siblings.

The statement adds that faith-based organizations will continue to hold their services on their worship days: Friday for the Muslims, Saturday for the Adventists and Sunday for Christians who normally gather on Sunday.

In addition, places of worship that were given authorization to open can choose two more days of services during the week.

The days should be communicated to local government authorities for monitoring.

Important to note is that the elderly aged 65 years and above can also go to places of worship but should attend a separate service dedicated to them only.

The instructions indicated that prayer services should not last for more than two hours, and the maximum number of services per day is three.

The Ministry of Local Governments requested places of worship to continue to observe the measures meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as indicated in the instructions of July 30 this year.