BURUNDI: Gospel Singers Should Focus on Pleasing God, not Entertaining People-Doxa Voice Choir


The Doxa Voice choir advises all gospel singers to keep the positions God wants them to live in so they can hear His voice.

“Worshippers should stay in the well and listen to God to get what they give to people. They should focus on what God wants, not what people want, and should support each other in building God’s Kingdom,” said Pastor Lopez Ninahazwe, the choir’s president, during an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda.

Doxa Voice is a Burundian choir of 30 singers. The team has been serving in the country through crusades, media tours and songs. It is based in the City of the Living God (CLG) church .

Recently, the team released a song called “Mpishurira”. According to them, the song is a prayer for the people who yearn to understand God’s sovereignty deeply and inhabit His temple.

“The message of our new song is a prayer. It shows the longing of a man who longs to enjoy God’s presence more and more. Some people never grow because they are satisfied with what they know about God, but this song is about people who want to know more about God,” the president said.

So far, they have released 2 songs: Vyose Vyaremwe nawe, and Mpishurira. They plan to release seven more songs.

To reach out to huge community, the team organises media tour and crusades.

In the choir’s program, they will organize workshops for worshippers and artistes.

Unlike some choirs, the group will work hard to expand its sprawling community beyond its church.

“There are some problems with choirs, which are limited to their churches, and they never go out to meet other communities. This is an obstacle that we should avoid in our ministry,”Ninahazwe added.