China: Rwandan Gospel Singer Harri Releases New Song

Henriette Nishimwe has released a new gospel song called “Ndakuramya.”According to the composer, the song carries a thanksgiving message. “I wrote this song to thank God for everything He has done for me. He is God who listens to me and I really thank Him for blessing my life.”

Harri is her stage name.

The writer of “Image of God” song is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Automation Engineering at the China Three Gorges University in Hubei Province. She lives in the city of Yichang and she is a worshipper at St James church in the same city.

In addition to serving in various worship groups and choirs, she recently initiated a worship show on YouTube called “Adonai session” to spread good news to the public.

Growing up in a Christian family inspired her to grow up in the spirit of serving the Lord. Her dream is to give people something to comfort and heal their hearts.

About this song

In an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda, Nishimwe explained more about the new song and her future plans.

During the isolation period, I acquired some musical skills, such as playing guitar, and spent a lot of time writing new songs. I plan to release them in the next days. I already know that God is my provider, and I will never have to worry about anything.

God is the way maker and provider in the absence of parents. He is a real father.

Despite the pandemic, I have seen God turn a sad year into a happy one.

Plans for the Future

I plan to release my first album probably by 2022. The songs will be released in English and Kinyarwanda.

Reach out to the Chinese community through songs

In order to develop my talent, I work with other musicians to reach out to people.

I share Gospel song through Wechat, a Chinese app, and a lot of people are watching them. I believe many Chinese watch videos of “Adonai session“, where we share good news through songs. That’s one of the techniques I use to reach out to the community.

The worshipper plans to release an album containing 10 songs.