Kicukiro District, Rabagirana Ministries join hands to enlighten the youth about Rwanda’s history

Officials from Kicukiro District, on Friday, in partnership with Rabagirana Ministries conducted a joint event that aimed at instructing the youth about Rwanda’s history, and to instill in them the spirit of working towards achieving sustainable unity and reconciliation.

The beneficiaries were youth representatives from all sectors of the district.

Rev. Antoine Rutayisire was the main speaker.

Talking to media, Rutayisire said that he delivered a lecture about the unity of Rwandans and the country’s history, adding that the youth are the future of the country. Therefore, they should be well prepared and equipped so that they will become change makers in the future.

“Lectures about the unity of Rwandans are essential. We expect changes from our young people. This will happen only if the youth are taught about their past clearly. They should know where they came from, know how everything happened, and know what is needed to develop the country,” he said.

One of the beneficiary youths, Jacques Niyigena from Gatenga sector described the event as very important, adding that he is keen to share with others what he had acquired.

His counterpart Cynthia Umugwaneza from Masaka Sector echoed similar thoughts, promising to be an ambassador of unity and reconciliation in her village.

The District Executive Administrator, Solange Umutesi, commended the progress made so far in the journey of unity and reconciliation, adding that more efforts are still needed to protect the achievements.

“No one else will protect the achievements except the young generation. That’s why we organized the event to prepare them,” she said.

During the event, the best performing sectors in promoting unity and reconciliation were awarded.

Gahanga sector was awarded the best, Kanombe sector emerged the second while Kagarama was the third.