VIDEO: True Promises Ministries Talked About ‘Life After Death’ In New Song

The Mana Urera hit makers have released a new video song titled “TUZARIRIMBA.”

The song is available on the choir’s Youtube Channel “TRUE TUNEZ”.

The main message in the  video song is about what will happen on the day of Jesus’ second coming to take all believers.

According to the singers, it will be a day with an amazing gathering of all saints from the world.

“We will sing the song  of the victorious lamb. We will raise the flag  with the Lamb who has conquered,” the lyrics read.

“What a gathering of all the saints from the world !

They have conquered the world and the devil and the flesh.”

The choir assured that those who conquered the world will raise the flag with the victorious Lamb.

It will be the day of joy and happiness while in heaven and the flag will be raised.

True Promises Ministries has been entertaining and inspiring gospel enthusiasts since 2009. They have performed at various festivals and venues in the country.

The team is well known for songs like Mana Urera, Mana Uri ImbaragaYesu Ni We BwugamoWadushyize AhakwiriyeNzamunambaho, Baba Unitakase and Nzamubona among others.