Two years later,Uwagaba publishes book on his wife Sabine who died only Seven months into their marriage


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Rwandan author Ev. Joseph Caleb Uwagaba  has published his first book about the sombre   experience he went through after losing his dear wife Sabine Mucyo just  Seven months after they had got married.

Titled A Hundred Days in Marriage’  and  written in English, the book has 170 pages and it was published in collaboration with the US based publishing company ‘Xlibrix’.

Mucyo died from University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK) on October 4, 2018 and laid to rest at Rusororo cemetery.

Gospel personalities, families and friends were saddened by the passing on of their friend.

The deceased was hailed as a woman of honor and dignity who served the church with full commitment and dignity.

Now, two years after, her husband called Caleb has come out with a book concerning this experience. According to the author, the book has three main purposes: fulfilling the promises he made to his late wife and accomplishes her dream. While in hospital, the couple hoped to be discharged soon and they planned to narrate the hard times that characterized their marriage.

The things got worse only after two weeks. Within only two first weeks, the couple enjoyed their marriage happiness and the wife was hospitalized for Seven months until her last breath.

The Seven month period was said to be a moment of hunger, sleeplessness, tiredness and grief.

Another purpose of the publication was to keep Sabine’s exceptional life live into the mind. Sabine was trustworthy, exemplary and bravery according to Caleb.

“Sabine grew up with brilliant attitudes and positive values. I believe this book will help every reader learn from Sabine’s heroism,”

The last but not least, the book’s purpose was to shrink the sorrow of the author. After the death of his wife, the author was advised by doctors to write down a song to openly express the pain.

“Today October 8 is the day that my dreams come into reality. I have now my book published on various digital platforms,” Uwagaba said.

He added: “In the book, I have shared memories with my late soul mate. A glimpse of life I fought for and the hope that mends my broken heart. The book narrates from the first day I met her, our honeymoon, our battle and the unexpected wins. It’s the story of the wife of my dream but unfortunately our forever never came. A legacy started but didn’t finish. The book comes to fulfill a vow I made with her and I believe that now the world can learn from our story.”

More about the author

Joseph Uwagaba Caleb (born on June 27, 1990) is a Rwandan gospel events manager, and seminars among other charity activities organizer.

Uwagaba holds a MA in Development Studies, BA in Emergency and Disaster Management.

He is a born again  Christian at Bethesda Holy Church Rwanda from where he has served as a Media Director in the department of Youth. Moreover, he is devotional and motivational articles writer.

He professionally served in various commercial companies and worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees in Kigali.

The book is now available on the links below

On Xlibrix

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