ADEPR puts in place interim leadership

The Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda (ADEPR) has put in place an interim leadership, replacing the one that was dissolved by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

The entire leadership of the denomination was dissolved on Saturday October 2 by RGB, faulting them for bad governance, disunity, poor performance and poor cooperation.

In the move, the denomination’s general assembly, board of directors, executive committee and the conflict resolution committee were dissolved and it was mandated that they would have to be replaced by an interim team.

Today Thursday October 8, the denomination introduced a group of 5 leaders to act as an interim committee for one year.

The new team is led by Pastor Isaie Ndayizeye as the head of the interim committee and also the legal representative.

Ndayizeye was a leader of English service at Ntora Church.

He will be deputised by Pastor Eugene Rutagarama.

Other newly leaders include Herman Budigiri who will act as the executive secretary, Aulerie Umuhoza as the head of finance and projects, and Vestine Gatesi as the head of human resource and administration.

They replace the dissolved administration which among others consisted of Ephreim Karuranga who was the denomination’s Spokesperson, his deputy John Karangwa, the Secretary General, White Leader Paul; and Jean Paul Ntaganda, who acted as the Financial and Economic Advisor.