Drummer Benjamin Manirakiza releases new song pointing out how the world needs Jesus

“I have realized that nothing else the world needs except receiving Jesus Christ.”

These are the words within a new song by promising gospel artiste Benjamin Manirakiza.

Titled “Tukubone” (meaning: That we may see you), the song conveys a comforting message, calling to mind the fact that the world needs to come to Jesus who is the only Savior.

“My song is a prayer request for those who need to renew their relationship with Christ and for those who have no hope. People need Jesus,” Manirakiza said

Manikarakiza, known as Ben, is a Christian at Wells Salvation Church. He is also a drummer and singer for True Promises and Rehoboth Ministries.

He is the last born in a family of eight. He began to sing at an early age while in a children’s choir.

The “Tukubone” song is part of an album that he plans to release next year. It will be his first album.

Manirakiza released his first song in 2018, featuring Aline Bintu.