Throwback: The colorful swearing-in ceremony of the recently dissolved ADEPR church leadership

It was quite a memorable day as the Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda (ADEPR) ushered in new leadership back in April 2018. The event brought together ADEPR members from various walks of life.

At the Kigali Independent University (ULK) stadium where the function took place, thousands were in attendance. These ranged from government officials, pastors, evangelists, choirs among others who came to witness the swearing-in of the committee of leaders.

For people that attended such a colourful event, it was rather hard for them to predict what would happen barely two years and six months after the new leaders were put into office.

Problems have been reported in the denomination, and these would later culminate into the recent move by government to step in with stern measures. The news of how the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) recently dissolved the leadership of the denomination made rounds in town.

The move by the government agency was due to bad governance, poor performance, less cooperation; and divisionism

The former director of finance and administration, Aurélie Umuhoza was installed interim leader until the new committee is sworn in.

Back in April?

The dissolved board was appointed on March 17, 2018. It was made of five-persons with Reverend Ephrem Karuranga as the Spokesperson, his deputy Rev. John Karangwa, Aurelie Umuhoza, director of finance and administration, Past. Paul M. Gatemberezi, the secretary general and Past. Jean Paul Ntaganda, the financial and Economic Advisor.

During the swearing in ceremony, Rev Ephrem Karuranga showcased the achievements of the Association of Pentecostal Churches of Rwanda (ADEPR) since 1940.

He said that the church has been focus in five pillars like evangelism, education, health, economic development, and social welfares.

Established in Gihundwe, Rusizi district, the Pentecost church has now 2 million members in 424 parishes.

In their five-year term action plan included the focus on improving social welfare, supporting youth to create jobs as well as uplifting their knowledge, enhance unity and peace in the church, sensitizing followers on government programmes as well as among others.

It is expected that the dissolved leaders will hand over to the interim team on Thursday. October 8.