Women with a kingdom lifestyle: Lessons from the recent New Life Bible Church’s Refresh Women’s Conference 2020.

Who is a woman with living in line with Kingdom? How can women live to the expectations of the Kingdom of God? What is the role of women at such a time as this in the Kingdom?

These are very important questions for women seeking the heart of God in this generation. New Life Bible Church’s Refresh Women Conference 2020 gave some insights into such questions in its latest edition that took place on September 18-20.

This year’s edition was held virtually hosted on New Life Bible Church’s social media platforms and zoom, and according to the organizers, it had over 56 thousand people following from Rwanda, USA, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Dubai, Tanzania among others.

At its centre, the conference had two things: revival; and gathering women for an experience under open heaven so that the fire in them can spring forth.

It featured a number of speakers from Rwanda and abroad, like, Pastor Florence Mugisha is the co-founder of Africa New Life Ministries and New Life Bible Church together with her husband Rev Dr. Charles B Mugisha who is the President and Founder, both are senior Pastors at New Life Bible Church. The couple has been hosting Refresh Women Conference annually for over 7 years now and have seen lives transformed.

Guest speakers included Reverend Dr. Faithful Mutibivu a pastor, reverend, worship leader, and preacher of the gospel from Zimbabwe; Pastor Colleen Rouse has been a co-lead Pastor at Victory Church in Atlanta – USA; and Darlene Zschech an Australian Pentecostal Christian Worship Leader and singer.

Others were Lydia Karani Mcrenolds a servant of the kingdom living in Dubai; Dr. Pamela Pyle an internal medicine physician from USA who has served in her community and internationally by volunteering at friendship medical clinic and a Board member of Africa New Life Ministries International, which provides free medical care for those without insurance or access to care; and Irene Kasirivu the co-lead Pastor at Gaba community church – Uganda.

Here are some of the brief messages from some of the speakers. Take a read:

Pastor Florence Mugisha:

(Matthew 6:9-10, 11:25) Thy kingdom come is the prayer of our hearts and desire to be refreshed. Jesus didn’t only teach his disciples how to pray but he set a standard for all of us who believe in him. The most important thing is the Kingdom of God. It’s more than just coming to church; it’s more than just singing a song.

Reverend Dr Faithful Mutibivu

You have to be sensitive of the times, you have to be sensitive at what God is doing in this season, at this time.

Your ear has to be open to hear what God is saying in this season.

Ladies, this season is a season where God is taking the unknown and making it known; this is a season of revival; this is a season that God is beginning to reveal Himself and is beginning to reveal aspects of Himself.

Now, in order to bring revival there has to be prayer.  And I believe in this season, if we are not prayerful; if we don’t pour out our hearts in seeking the face of God, the revival can actually bypass you. We don’t want to be bypassed by the revival.

Dr. Pamela Pyle (spoke about leadership in the Kingdom)

We become Kingdom citizens by trusting in Jesus as our God and saviour. The Kingdom of God is here now and it will be fulfilled when Jesus comes.

Pastor Colleen Rouse

Who am I supposed to be in my life? Whatever we choose to be, we should reflect Jesus. It’s not about what am I supposed to do, but who am I supposed to be.

Women are a reflection of God. God wants us to preserve and reflect his nature as nurturers. We are called to fulfill a specific purpose in the earth; we all serve an important role as far as the Kingdom is concerned. How well are we reflecting Jesus’s character?

 Darlene Zschech (Briefly spoke about worship and God’s fountain of living water in our lives)

She read from John 4 (Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well).

(Making reference to Vs 13), Darlene said;

“Jesus says to her if you drink from Jacob’s well (which was a beautiful well, it served generations) you will be thirsty again and again, but if anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never thirst again and they will be forever satisfied, for when you drink the water that I give them they will never thirst again and they will be forever satisfied……………………. And the woman replies: Oh let me drink that water so that I will never be thirsty again. And this was the line that stood out to me for you today: So that I will never be thirsty again and I won’t have to come back here to draw water.”

Darlene added, “You know I can feel the pain in this woman’s life as she voices: Thank you for giving me living water but thank you also for relieving my human suffering in the midst so that I don’t have to come here to face judgment so that I don’t have to come back here and receive ridicule and feel like the least of the least.

As we worship today I want you to remember that as you draw near to God and as you draw from the Living Water of His Life right now, I want you to remember that He is not only overflowing within you with living water but He has also removed the shame, He has removed the guilt and contamination, He has removed the heartache.”