Bishop Mutesi joins gospel music scene

Bishop Mutesi Hope of Ebenezer Evangelical church released her first song “Uzanyibutse,” which featured Mandela, a well-known gospel singer from Kenya.

This song details some of the challenges Christians are likely to face on their journey.

According to the artiste, she dreamed of becoming a gospel singer from an early age, but she did not have enough confidence to realize her dream.



“I dreamed of music, but I did not have confidence to join. I could not give up, that’s why I kept trying until the first song comes out, despite the difficulties,” Bishop said.

Uzanyibutse is a prayer song. The writer explains how Christians get tired of challenges they face in their journey. “What people face can make them forget God’s deeds. That’s why a reminder is needed.”

Mutesi decided to join gospel music to continue spreading the good news to the world and promised to release more songs.