Asaph Worship Band in fresh round of spreading message of hope through ‘#LetTheStoryBeTold’ media tour

Asaph Worship Band is delivering the message of hope to the wider community. According to the band, the key message for this tour is to let people know that Christ is the way, the truth and the life; He is the only solid foundation.

The band is based in Zion Temple Nyarutarama Campus, and is composed of three worshippers: Adeline Uwinema, Serge Gasasira Rugamba and Chloe Florence Mutesi.

Speaking to the Gospel Time Rwanda; Adeline Uwinema, the band’s spokesperson said that the new wave of spreading this message of hope will be carried out in collaboration with media.

“This year, we plan to evangelize through a media tour. Unlike in previous years, where we rarely visited the media,”

The band has recently released a new song titled ‘The Story’.  The song tells the story of Jesus Christ who died for mankind, resurrected, and paid the price for their sins in full so that mankind could live for Him as a living sacrifice.

#LetTheStoryBeTold Media Tour is all about telling this story for people to embrace it.

As a result of the current pandemic the world is facing, people have lost hope because their expectations for this year are not being met. Now is the time to tell them that Jesus is the solid foundation of our hope and life.

“People need to know that there is a powerful story that has ever been told, the story that can change their life rather than relying on fake foundations (materials). Jesus is our hope. He came to earth to die for us. He paid for our sins and He rose from the dead after He overcame death. And to whoever believes in Him, they have eternal life. This is the right message for us (mankind),”Uwinema said.

We all should know God is sovereign. The times we are going through today should push us to re-evaluate in whom or what our hope is placed, she added.

Since 2017, the band has been proclaiming the name of Jesus in songs. So far, they have released three albums, named  Glorious resurrection, Paid in Full and Living sacrifice.

Asaph Worship Band is a conduit for good news. “We are called to proclaim the good news of Jesus, tell people that He is the way to the father, and through faith in Him the relationship with God will be restored. We are here to fulfill God’s will.”

Some of the band’s songs