Australia: Singer Chris Gikundiro Praises The Power of Jesus in his New Song

The message in the new song is that Jesus has power to neutralize all dark forces.

Chris Gikundiro is a Rwandese who currently lives in Australia. The gospel artist has released a new song “Afite Imbaraga” (He has power).

In an interview with the Gospel Time Rwanda, Gikundiro spoke about his career and future plans to announce the name of Jesus with his talent.

He said: “I have one message in my songs. I spread the good news of Jesus Christ so that people can know who Jesus is and tell them about Eternal Life. I also comfort those who are depressed and teach them the necessary conditions to have Jesus into life.”

Since 2014, Gikundiro has been singing in the choir. He released his first song as an artiste in 2019.

So far, he has composed 3 songs, including Mpera Umutima ft Esron, Mwami we ft Gentil Misigaro and the latest Afite Imbaraga.

Although the Coronavirus pandemic blocked some of his plans, the artist promised to provide more products and gospel events in different countries around the world.

“At the time COVID 19 was reported, I had some plans to run. Everything was postponed.

His products are made from Hetivu Music studio in Kigali.

Gikundiro advised Rwandan gospel artists to pray for their talents to remain at God’s altar. “They should make every effort to spread the Good News to all nations.”