The Geraldine Trada Foundation (GT Foundation) has provided social support to 15 members of vulnerable families with type 1 diabetes.

These include children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The welfare support includes basic necessities, such as a variety of food and sanitation supplies.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic disease in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin which is the protein hormone on which humans depend for their survival. Patients compensate themselves by injecting insulin frequently every day.

Since 2019, the GT Foundation has supported some of these patients by providing them with test kits and essential food.

“Diabetes is fatal to the poor, who cannot withstand routine tests and eat properly before taking insulin regulators. Therefore, by providing the necessary supplies like food, we educate them and advocate that they can use test kits to support these patients to cope with the disease,” Tracy Mutesi, founder of GT Foundation, said.

Balancing regular blood sugar tests, injecting insulin multiple times a day, choosing healthy foods and exercising can be very demanding for these very poor patients. The Social supports provided by GT Foundation helps to control diabetes.

Kelia Mugabo and her young Sister were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a very young age. Because of the poor background, this means that they do not have access to the medical supplies needed to control the disease, such as test paper and a balanced diet.

With the support of the GT Foundation, she had a bright smile on her face because she knew that their families would pay a huge price to provide them with food every day.

“Our doctors tell us that we should always eat before injecting ourselves, but in most cases, our families are unable to provide food every time we are hungry. I would like to thank the GT Foundation for its support for food. Now, our father will not have to worry about the food he has to provide us this month.” Said 12-year- old Kelia.

Dr Innocent Ndagijimana, who specializes in the treatment of these patients, thanked GT Foundation for its support.

“Diabetes is a chronic disease that is a lifelong psychological burden for people and their families. It requires daily management and strict compliance with drugs, diet and exercise. I thank the GT Foundation for its support to these patients, because most of them are deprived,” he added.

He reminded patients that they were at risk of contracting COVID-19 if they did not comply with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines that they wash their hands regularly and wear masks every time to protect themselves.