Offerings are not Pastors’ salary- Rev. Can Dr Rutayisire

Offerings and tithes should not be seen in an inappropriate way as many do, but rather people should bear in mind that they belong to God.

Canon Dr Antoine Rutayisire, a Senior Pastor at St. Peter’s Remera Parish of the Anglican Church delivered the message during a virtual sermon held recently. The theme of the sermon was “the works of the children of God.”

As part of the continuous battle to combat the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now almost six months since the government of Rwanda has suspended physical church services and masses.

This prompted some churches to organize virtual services as well as new ways of collecting tithes and offerings.

Unfortunately, some social media users have condemned churches that continue to ask their members to pay offerings and tithes.

Rutayisire noted that whether worship places are open or closed, he won’t stop giving his offerings and tithe not because he is a pastor but because tithe and offerings are given to thank God.

He also said that it is wrong that people misinterpret that tithes and offerings are Pastors’ salary.

“Tithes and offerings belong to God. The current situation (the pandemic should not make people disregard what God has said. I am sure that there are mature Christians who still give offerings and tithes while others have stopped because of the pandemic,” he said

Rutayisire added, “We don’t offer because we are in church but we deliver tithes in churches to give back what God has provided to us.

We should obey God and love Him with our possessions, he added.