POEM: Remind me Jesus

When I go far and take a long trip to nowhere,

When I forget about your cross,

Remind me.


When I go astray

When am lost in myself

The one that is full of black dark thoughts
Bring me back,


And remind me

Of the crown of thorns you took for me

Of that bitter beer you were forced to taste

Remind me of those mockery words you heard for my sake

Remind me Jesus.

When I complain

Remind me of those days

You fed me, Clothed me

Healed me, protected me.


When I tend to forget,

Oh! Jesus remind me

Of those days you fought for me

That battle I could have done nothing about

Remind me Jesus of that grace and mercy

Remind me of always forgiving.


When am so low,

Swimming in that dirty pool of sins

Almost drowning then you become my marine

Remind me oh Jesus.

I don’t know how but you do it

You make ways,

You lift, your tremendously

And truly scrumptious, shimmering and splendid

Still those words aren’t enough to describe you.


I will call you Yahweh

Everlasting, the king of Kings

Remind me all those ohh Jesus.

Remind me when I feel like lamenting, and relenting.

Lead me to the gate of Repenting

That sacrifice you became means the world to me

Just remind me that


Am only full and complete in your presence

Remind me that you’re the only one

Who won’t ever leave no matter what

Please remind me Jesus.


A poet is Esther Muhozi, a Christian lady who tries to shoot higher and empower.