USA: Alvis Tubirore commits to teach unity, peace through gospel songs

Gospel Artiste Alvis Tubirore is committed to using his talent to help people know that Jesus is the King, Savior and source of peace.

The artiste lives in the United States of America, Michigan State. Since his infancy, he grew up dreaming to become a gospel artiste.

Tubirore started his music at young age in Sunday school. He grew up singing in choir at church.

Growing in a Christian family, he was motivated to sharpen his talent. So far, the artiste has released five songs among which four have videos.

During an exclusive interview with the Gospel Time Rwanda, Tubirore explained that his songs carry out the message of unity and peace.

“It is our call as Children of God to spread good news of the Kingdom of God to the entire world. That’s the reason why I dedicated my talent to spread good news,”

“The theme of my songs is the message of peace telling people that Jesus is the King and Savior of our life,” he said.

He added that his composition also focuses on people’s relationships. How should people live in peace and harmony and avoid selfishness.

“Nowadays, many people are self-centered and never get satisfied.  It becomes nothing no matter how hard working a person is if he is not satisfied. We are encouraged to work hard and get satisfied.”

He reminds people not to depend on others. “It happens when a person thinks that he can get a comfort or solution to his problems in another person but unfortunately ending up realizing that even other people are more burdened than he is.”

The artiste plans to perform in Kigali, USA, and enlarge his collaboration with other artistes.

To his fellow gospel artistes in Rwanda, Tubirore advised them to embrace teamwork spirit to expand the Kingdom of God, support each other as one family working for a single kingdom.