One voice worship release new single “Urahambaye”

One voice worship, an evangelistic and musical group has released a new single titled “Urahambaye” (translated as You are great).

The One Voice team is made up of 5 members who pray from different churches like Christian Life Assembly, Peuple de Dieu, and ADEPR.

Its members are: Jordan Murangwa, Nkunda Prince, Ntaganda Pascal/leader, Nishimwe Jean Rene and Vanessa.

The “Urahambaye” song speaks of the greatness of God as the creator of heaven and earth, and owner of Majesty.

The One voice group has also participated in visiting people in hospitals, and other needy communities; pray with them, encourage them and “just love on them.”

They have also ventured into reaching out to young communities including Sunrise High School and Cornerstone,

“This is because it’s so relevant to share the salvation with the people of our same age,” said Pascal Ntaganda the leader of the group.

“We were convinced that we can use much more of what God has given to empower, change and influence our communities and country through the love of God, because,” he continued.

“God the Father has given us much including His Son. And God the Son gave Himself up for us that we may be saved and God the Spirit came so that we’ll never be alone.”

You can watch the song here