God’s unconditional love has become my song- says US based artiste Eric Nkuru

Gospel artiste Eric Kurumfashe currently living in the United States of America,  Houston City, Texas has released his fourth song titled ‘Ni iki Cyantandukanya n’Urukundo rw’Imana.’

Eric Nkuru is his stage name.

In an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda, Nkuru shed light on the theme of the song – the unconditional love of God.

“I always think about the love of God. He loves us without any condition like beauty, or righteousness. Instead, He loved us when we were still sinners,” he said

He, for instance, says that whenever a groom is looking for a bride there are some criteria he may be attracted to, for example, her outlook, background, good conduct, among others.

On the contrary, when Jesus comes to us as His brides, He loves us even though we are unworthy.

“Having thought about this for a long time, I finally came up with this new song Ni iki cyantandukanya n’Urukundo rw’Imana (What Can Separate Me from the Love of God),” he said.

Nkuru started his music career in 2015 and so far he has released four songs.

“I became a gospel artiste to proclaim and sing out songs concerning our salvation. Praise and worship is what I am supposed to do as a true servant of God.”

Among other his songs include Yesu ni Dereva, Mureke Imana Yitwe Imana, and Amashimwe.

Nkuru is determined to continue telling people about the unconditional love of God – the love that never fails.

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