Light of the Earth Ministries: Young servants committed to the ministry of the word

Light of the Earth Ministries is one of the promising gospel music ministry groups in the country.

Despite being made up of young people – most of whom are students, the ministry is making steps in a promising direction, having already launched their first album composed of 11 songs, and have started on a project for the second album.

Through music and preaching, their works are remarkable in the transformation of the lives of their fellow Rwandan youth who have for a long time been engaged in bad conduct.

Established in November 2015, the ministry is a youth-led community united by the service of God through songs and evangelism. Within 5 years, a total of 60 ladies and gentlemen have joined the group.


According to Bienvenue Niyonkuru, the representative of the ministry, the name of the group was a revelation from God. It was retrieved from the Holy Gospel of John 9:5.

“As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Jesus said.

They also don’t rely on external support to carry out their ministry. Whenever there is a project to release an album, they raise funds themselves.

This is a challenge in the outreach of their ministry.

“Most of us are still students. Whenever we have a project, we raise funds ourselves. This affects us in some ways,” Niyonkuru noted.

About composing songs, Niyonkuru says,

“There are some songs that we compose together as a team while others are developed by individuals.”

Niyonkuru testified that their evangelism had brought significant contribution in the community since a number of young people have changed from negative ways.

He reflected on the importance of prayer in their lives as ministers,

“To sustain our ministry, we focus on praying as well as learning from others in the career,” he said.

He says they are looking to expand their ministry into neighboring countries and beyond.

New Song: ‘Hanurira ibyawe’

The Ministry’s latest song titled “Hanurira Ibyawe’ delivers a message of encouragement to the hopeless, encouraging those who are depressed to faithfully call on the name of Jesus who is able to fix every situation.

The song’s message, according to Niyonkuru was retrieved from Ezekiel 37:4.

Niyonkuru advises young people to turn to God to be saved and know the purpose of their lives,

“And to those that already received Jesus into their lives, they need to stay firm in their callings as good servants to the Kingdom of God.”