Nashukuru-Swahili gospel song by Gisele Precious : “It is all about the love of God.”

Nashukuru is the first-born on the “Uri Muri Twe” album which is expected to have completed by July next year. The song is also the first non-Kinyarwanda of eight songs released by Rwandan gospel singer-artist Gisele Precious Nsabimana.

According to the composer, her goal is to appeal to all people from all over the world in order to sing the love of God to all races, nations and languages.

Precious noted that she may have released the song in March, but the project has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She added that the product is a worship song eulogizing the cross of Christ, the meaning of the cross into her life as well as proclaiming the endless love.

“Writing for all is a privilege that Good News reaches everywhere not only to Rwandans. Often, every singer or preacher wants to share what he or she has. So, this is the most important step in my career and my life. I do thank God for that. ”

She added: “I sing the cross of Jesus and God’s endless love. There are many reasons why I sing, because it is the grace of Jesus that makes me who I am today.”

The coronavirus pandemic delayed my song and not only this song but also the pandemic affected many of my projects.

In an effort to deal with the consequences of COVID-19, Precious says she needs to work on completing all projects in a short period of time. “These are my plans. I will never lose any chance. ”

At the end of March, Precious released another song, “Mbega Urukundo,” again singing the love of God.

Gisele Precious started his music career in 2017 and has released 8 songs so far.