Australia: “My promise is to serve God through music,” Charles Kagame

By Schadrack Mukeshimana

Charles Kagame, a promising Rwandan Artist who lives in Australia, noted that using his talent to serve God was his promise to God when he was young.

He disclosed this ahead of a new song called “Ntuzibagirwe” (never forget). As a singer, within 7 months, Kagame released 3 songs.

Kagame said that everything he did for God was not about money, but about expanding the Kingdom of God.

“I don’t make music for personal gain like making money. I’m doing what I promised God when I was a child. That’s the only reason I don’t do secular music. ” Kagame said.

The worshipper is one of the Rwandan artists thriving in the diaspora.

Other songs include Ahindura ibihe and Tubagarure.

Kagame went on to say that he was very concerned about bringing people to Christ through the messages in his songs. “People should know that Jesus came to bring them out of the darkness.”

Although there is no video song yet, Kagame plans to complete the ongoing project and video is expected soon.