“Tears of The World”:Prayer song of Rwandan student in US amid COVID-19

As a number of deaths are increasing day by day due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a young Rwandan Trez Kwizera has released a prayer song titled “Tears of The World.”

Within the song, the singer also expressed his gratitude for all doctors and health workers who are working tirelessly to treat COVID-19 patients.

Kwizera is a new promising artist and he is currently pursuing his studies in Arts at University of Missouri. He lives in the State of California. Trez Kwiz is his stage name as an artist.

During an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda, Kwizera said that he believes that God is in control for everything and that he wrote the song as a prayer for the world because God has the key to save the lives of people.

“The entire world is terrified by unusual circumstances. Where I am in the United States of America, the virus has spread badly and taken many people’s lives,”

The song includes a grief of the artist about the hard times that the world is facing.

“The pandemic is critically affecting the world. Here in the US, people are losing their lives. Things are getting worse and worse. People are scared by doing whatever they can to survive. The virus has hit the economy so hard. People are now surviving on government’s support because businesses are shut down,”Kwizera said


Kwizera is also a songwriter and visual artist and together with his brother they established Niyo Art Gallery in Kigali.

“I dream of being a blessing to my motherland and work hard to contribute my portion to the development of gospel music in my country-Rwanda. Most of my songs are composed in English to break barriers for Rwandan artists to join international stage. I believe it is time for Rwandan music to be recognized worldwide. ‘Tears of the world’ is my debut song but more are to come. Also, I have another Kinyarwanda song composed in American country style,”

To reach my dreams, I am working with professional and talented producers who have been contributing much in music industry worldwide. I call upon all Rwandans to work together as one to support local musicians.

My message to all Rwandan during these difficult times is to encourage them to respect the government’s instructions to avoid the spread of the pandemic.

“We pray that Rwandans stay safe from the virus. We have dreams to make the world better and this requires us to stay attentive, and supportive to one another,”