Easter: Gashora Student Neema Eulogizes the Power of The Cross

“Easter, another expected, normal day, with the same rays of the sun that brought no newness, compared to other days I had lived”, this is what Easter was, to me, a couple of years back. It was a day that looked just like any other day. 

Three years back, I got saved.

 ‘I was brought to realize, by His grace, how much Christ paid, just to save His people from their old, erroneous deeds, to making us the beloved, dearest, children of God, the Father.’

Today, I don’t just see the bright, shining light of the sun that gleams on my glowy face every Easter,

But the true picture of the light of Christ Jesus that shines in my heart,

The light that set me free, the light that today lightens our paths, His chosen nation.

Every Easter morning, in the rays of the sun sparkling through the skies,

I see enfold in them, a true representation of the light of Jesus, glistening in the skies, after He conquered sin, and rose from the dead, carrying on His shoulders, the new saved nation, that He set for, a path to the Heavens, and an Eternal life.

By the grace of Jesus and the power of His resurrection, we stand with an unshakeable faith, with gladness filled in our hearts, that we are saved and made Children of God, All-Mighty.

A new life has begun, and through Him, we have the power to keep on running and conquering in the race set before us.

The writer is called Neema Faustine, a Senior Six Student at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology in Bugesera.Neema is doing Mathematics-Physics and Geography.