Artists are some of the people who bring major changes in the society. No one can overlook the power of their messages in changing the mindsets of the public.

In the midst of COVID-19, renowned Rwandan Gospel Artists deliver messages of hope and call on the public to remain submissive to the government’s instructions that are in place to combat the spread of the pandemic.


Aime Uwimana

“First of all is to be strong in God. Last night, I had a chat with a friend of mine, and I recalled the prayer that Jesus prayed for His disciples. He prayed that God would not take them from the earth but He prayed that He would protect them. Thus, when your trust is in God, you should never worry about anything,”

Amid the pandemic Aime Uwimana featuring Yvan Ngenzi has released a new song Njye Mpisemo Yesu’.

He added: “Everyone should respect instructions to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Staying at home and respecting social distancing are essential but above all we should remain and put our trust in God. These are among the hard times the Bible mentions, but when you are in Christ you remain strong.”

Diane Nyirashimwe

Diane Nyirashimwe, True Promises Ministries and Zebedayo Family

Nyirashimwe has conveyed a message expressing sympathy for those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

“There is a living God, the creator of Heaven and Earth. He is able to save the world. Coronavirus patients should not lose hope but stay strong God will recover them. We need to take enough time and pray and examine our spiritual lives. Also, we should continue to respect government’s efforts to keep our society safe.”

Bosco Nshuti

Bosco Nshuti

“What I would tell every Rwandan is that God loves us all. He knows whatever happens on the earth. We should trust Him and He is able to change the situation. It is written in the Bible that God will never leave in hardships and misery. Be strong and keep on observing government instructions. Stay at home.”

Clapton Kibonke

Clapton Kibonke, actor

“My message to all Rwandans is to stay at home. Probably, a lot of people are missing their favorite events such as football, church services, touring, outreaches among others but they can’t access them due to Coronavirus. My advice to everyone is to stay at home so that we can quickly find out what we miss.

Violating the government instruction will make us remain at home for several days. All activities are closed but when we respect the instructions they will be resumed on time. After this period, we shall resume our activities and we have a lot for our fans. Also, I comfort Rwandans during the 26th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. We should remain strong strive for self-reliance, avoid hopelessness and solitude.”

Tresor Ndayishimiye

Tresor Ndayishimiye, True Promises Ministries and Zebedayo Family

“I urge the public to be more vigilant about the pandemic by observing the instructions that are in place to prevent its spread. Everyone should bear in mind that it is necessary t0 wash hands very often using a soap and clean water, stay at home and avoid unnecessary trips. For Christians, as we stay at home let’s meditate and keep on praying.”

Rapper the Pink

The Pink

“Let’s all implement what the government urges us to save our lives. In Jeremiah, God says ‘For I know the plans I have for you’. This is a time to renew our relationship with God. His word tells us that when we ask, we will receive. He is ready to save us when we call Him according to His will and with humble hearts. I would like to encourage everyone to remember those needy families. Let’s not be fooled by the fact that no death has so far been recorded in our country and disrespect the instructions.”

Prosper Nkomezi

Prosper Nkomezi

“I encourage everyone to never lose hope. God is in control and soon he will deliver us from this situation, let’s us keep our trust and keep praying as well as following what the government asks to do. As, Christians we should remember vulnerable families. Let’s share what we have, it does not matter the quantity. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce (Proverbs 3:9).May God keep on protecting all.”

Janvier Muhoza

Janvier Muhoza

“We do not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future. Never be worried, Our God who holds tomorrow will create new testimonies.”

Elsa Claude Muhayimana

Elsa Claude Muhayimana, the president of Yesu Araje Choir-Kamukina based Adventist Seventh Day Church.

“This is time for Christians to fellowship with God as well as evaluating themselves to find out what God wants from them. Sometimes, we state some reason that prevent us from fellowship with God. Some state jobs, schools, life challenges among others, but this time we are off and God wants to talk to us. Let’s be attentive.

Deo Munyakazi

“Everyone should be exemplary. Respecting government’s guidelines is everyone’s duty. Some people are in troubles because the times we are in are abnormal. This lockdown should be more fruitful for us. It’s time to a rest but also to think about other projects. This is a time for everyone to evaluate themselves and change their ways to become better than yesterday. Worship building are closed but hearts are still open. This is another time to pray and pray again. People need good news. It is time to tell people that Jesus is able to save everyone. Stay strong and Stay at home.”

Romulus Rushimisha, New York

Romulus Rushimisha, New York-Rochester 

“In this terrifying moment our country and the entire world are going through, fellow citizens, don’t be too discouraged everything will be fine.It’s not the end of the world, take Deep breath, always pray to God, follow official guidelines to avoid spreading of the virus, and as I said, everything will be fine.”

Serge Iyamuremye

Serge Iyamuremye

“2020 is a special
Year. God will be good to all. He will make our hearts rejoice,because the Lord who has done works for you, protected you,made your heart happy over the years is still the same God. We should never lose our hope instead let’s rejoice. We are still alive because God has good plans for us. 2020 is a Blessed Year in the name of Jesus if you proclaim it with your mouth.The mouth of the righteous creates. We are blessed and nothing to worry about.Let’s all respect government’s guidelines.”

Marie Jeanne Neema

Marie Jeanne Neema, New Melody 

“In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic in Rwanda and the world in general, I encourage everyone to stay strong and continue to work together to fight the virus. Our unity in the battle to prevent the pandemic is the great weapon to end it completely.

During these unusual circumstances, I call upon everyone to remember other people who need help.Believers should come together in the same Spirit and pray to God, He will save us.Psalm 121.”

Gaby Kamanzi

Gaby Kamanzi

Citing Biblical verses such as Psalm 121:1-2, Malachi 3:6, and James 1:17, Gaby Kamanzi conveyed a message of hope to all Rwandans. “God is the only one who can help us as scriptures mention. Our help comes from God. All is from Him.”

She added:”Our God has never changed, nor will He change. Let’s continue to trust Him, keep our eyes on Him, for He loves us and still has good plans for us. Let’s be strong, and continue to respect the government’s guidelines to combat the pandemic because it is also our duty as Christians. Let’s stay at home, wash our hands very often….among others. May God bless you.”

Carine Tracy Umutesi

Carine Umutesi Tracy

“These are hard times when we honor our loved ones who were killed innocently during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Let us be strong and hopeful to avoid any depression. Again, we are fighting Coronavirus pandemic, we should observe the guidelines to combat it successfully.Isaiah 40: 1.”

Joas Ezra

Joas Ezra

As part of Coronavirus awareness, Joas Ezra has released a new song titled ‘Stay Home’ to educate the public that Staying at home is the only way to prevent the spread of the pandemic in the country.

Danny Mutabazi

Danny Mutabazi 

“During these hard times, my words to comfort all Rwandans are found in the Bible, John 6:29. The foundation of all is to believe in Jesus Christ. Let us keep on trusting our Savior. Let us not be changed by the situations instead we should strive to remain and lean on Jesus. Our love for Jesus should never be shaken no matter what circumstances.”