Rene Patrick drops new song, calls artists to use social media amid COVID-19

Despite the persistence of the global pandemic-COVID 19, gospel artists in Rwanda have continued to spread messages of hope, and love to comfort the general public.

Renowned gospel artist Rene Patrick has comforted the public in a new song titled NI Byiza that there is God who is able to do everything.

During an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda, the artist explained that he had received the song back in 2014 during a fellowship with his Ministry. Rene Patrick is the founder of “Tehillah Worship Ministries” that promotes local gospel music.

“It clearly was and still is a conversation between one’s renewed mind and their heart… When the heart feels like giving up, the renewed mind will sing and remind it that there is hope and brings courage to keep on believing in God,” he said

Rene added, “I believe this song is definitely timely! One of the ways to stay safe during the quarantine is distancing, and this creates a kind of loneliness which can be fruitful or hazardous. There is a sense of depression being developed in people’s hearts and I believe they need to remind themselves that everything in life happens for a reason and all has an expiry date or end. Thus, I believe ‘Ni Byiza’ comes on time to remind people that God is above all and He is always in control.”

Use of technology during the pandemic

Rene said that the existing lockdown should push artists as influencers in the society to use social media platforms to spread messages of hope and joy.

“I have seen so many of my fellow artists using their social media platforms to share hope and joy. I believe all of us should embrace the move and practice the same. It is high time to remind everyone that Jesus Christ is the only answer and everything we need is found in Him,” he added.

Starting gospel music back in 2010, Rene Patrick is known for songs like Arankunda, Umunsi ku Wundi, and Our Love is Here to stay among others.