Brian Blessed Collabos With Aime Uwimana For Easter Track Amid COVID-19

Rwandan Gospel artists, Brian Blessed and Aime Uwimana, have released a brand new Easter song dubbed “Ku Bise.”

The duo have released the song when the world is facing hardships due to COVID-19 pandemic that was firstly reported in Chinese Province Wuhan at the end of last year, and thereafter spread across the world.So far, the pandemic has become a global challenge taking the lives of thousands worldwide.

In an interview with The Gospel Time Rwanda, Brian Blessed said that the song is about Easter.However, this year’s Easter celebration come in difficult times where the whole world is terrified by COVID-19 outbreak.

He noted, “This is also the good news to the people of God that part of Jesus’s pain was to heal the world and through which even Corona Virus will be wiped away. The word of God said that by his strips we were healed. So, I want to encourage people that as much as we read more news about COVID 19 let’s also listen and read more good news about Jesus Christ, our redeemer and savior,”

Through the pain that Jesus went through before and on the cross, we were saved and made righteous by His blood and therefore we are born again, Brian noted.

Our redemption came out of severe pains and now we are children of God. Thus, we praise God for He died for us, resurrected and He is now alive.

Brian explained that the message that he intended to convey to the church is that anyone who repents, and believes in the name of Jesus is declared a children of God. On the cross, we were purchased by the precious blood of Jesus. So, as we get ready for the Easter celebration due to take place on April 12, we remember what Jesus Christ, our Savior went through and praise him for He has overcome death.

Featuring with Aime Uwimana, message to other artists & general public 

“ I love Bishop Aime Uwimana. I love his passion for Christ and the heart of worship in him. He is a humble, skilled and talented worshipper. So, with this song I felt he is the right person to work with, and he helped me so much. Much respect to him,” Brian said.

The singer has called on his fellows to keep on disseminating educative messages to the people of God: message of Hope, message of love as well as encouraging the public to observe the government instructions about the prevention of the coronavirus pandemic.

To the public, Brian said that they should not worry about anything because God loves all and there is a living hope that COVID-19 will end. “ Our Everlasting God is going to heal the world.”

He reminded the public to wash their hands often ,stay home to save lives, avoid crowding or gatherings, respect social distancing.They should also keep on following the instructions from the Ministry of Health, Security organs among other government institutions.

Again, he reminds them to contact 114 for emergency in case of any symptoms of COVID- 19.

Brian Blessed, a Christian at New Life Bible Church, is a young passionate man. He loves God and devoted to serve Him. He is a song writer, artist and worship leader.

Among several products composed so far, the artist has released songs including
Dutarame, Azaza, Ku Munara,Again and again,Jesus is the way,Akira, You speak to my mind and
Ku Bise.